The Party

  • Alysin Ichar: Member of party, Drow Sorcerer.
  • Arsene Dumein: Member of party, Human Rogue.
  • Azarae Levias: Member of party, Dragonborn Cleric.
  • Belros Tarot: Member of party, Human Sorcerer.
  • Shor (The Wolf): Member of the party, Human Barbarian
  • Skjor Sea-Hammer: Former member of party, Dwarven Fighter.
  • Theren Sadri: Member of the party, Elven Monk.
  • Honey Badger: Hireling of the party, Human Warrior.
  • London: A mage-scholar whose main interest lies in the study of Babylon.
  • Ajyot: Abjuration-Mage from Da’Ostian patrol, Half-Elf Wizard.
  • Anil Al-Sa Enlisted soldier from Da’Ostian patrol, Halfling Fighter.
  • Nooha ibn Mee’ad al-Fuji: Captain from Da’Ostian patrol, Dragonborn Fighter.
  • Song: Chaplain from Da’Ostian patrol, Dwarven Paladin.
  • Wani ibn Ha’ma al-Fee: Enlisted soldier from Da’Ostian patrol, Human Ranger.
  • RR: Ancient ally of Da’Ostian patrol, joined them in quest to kill The Mantis King.
  • ACDC: Originally part of crew on The Bloody Mary, joined party in quest to destroy the three undead lieutenants of The Barovian Empire.
  • Balthazar: Captain of airship The Bloody Mary.
  • Stonefist: Crew-mate on The Bloody Mary.
  • Damascus: Crew-mate on The Bloody Mary.
  • Vanilla: Crew-mate on The Bloody Mary.
  • Ice: Crew-mate on The Bloody Mary.
  • Aetra: Powerful entity, the essence of which resides in the sun.

The Black Covenant

  • Nerull: Powerful entity, the essence of which resides in the moon. In the process of being resurrected.
  • Kell: Exarch of Nerull and powerful necromancer.
  • Morna: Undead High-Elf, executed for heretical research into the celestial quadrants.
  • Libretto: Undead Human, central authority of The Aspis Consortium.
  • Athon Forgecrusher: Undead Dwarf, powerful artificer executed for causing secessionist war within Dwarven lands.






The Hobgoblin Kingdom

The Barovian Empire


  • Eisande Levias: ‘Mother of Sorcery’, de-facto ruler of Aerothyme.
  • Nidhoggr: One of the last Dragons, individually one of the fives most powerful families within Aerothyme.
  • Jomal Teloc: Dragonborn artificer, head of technological development within Aerothyme and Dragonborn-Dwarven relations.
  • Kalastar Yajurroth: Scaled Hierophant of Io.
  • Metara Rustav: Draconian head of Aerothyme’s military.
  • The Voice: Herald to Nidhoggr.
  • Suma Yajurroth: High Priestess of Io faith.



  • Uncle: Vrock agent of the Blades Family.
  • Alice Blades: Arsene’s old mentor and patron of The Game.
  • Abaddon Blades: Head of the Blades family.
  • Blue: Mage and Herbalist that runs a small shop in Sigil’s Market Ward.
  • Shelleg: Druid that sells magical branches in the Market Ward. Missing after being hunted by Eladrin soldiers.
  • Blind Untun: Manager of Underdark goods-shop in the Market Ward.
  • Big B.: Owner of a magical emporium, later revealed to be The Drifter.
  • Lil’ B.: Younger sister to Big B., later revealed to be The Drifter.
  • Fat Boy Slime: Mysterious amphibian entity apparently capable of consuming anything within reach.

Sons of Liberty

  • Nilus: Minotaur capable of stealing a part of an individual.

Eastern Continent


  • The Sun: Inhabitant of Focus Tower and powerful mage.
  • The Drifter: Enigmatic entity capable of shape-shifting and replicating the very essence of its target.
  • Vecna: Planar traveller famed for his breadth of knowledge.
  • Prince of Crows: Current ‘patron’ of Arsene Dumein as part of The Game.
  • Armir: Former Member of party, Elven Ranger and currently a proxy in The Game.
  • Lord Dalton: ‘Overseer’ of The Game.
  • Nuria: Stormwarden of Yura and exarch of Zeboim.


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