“If these mages were really as clever as they claim to be, one would think the most well-told story about wizards wouldn’t be about that stupid bastard who summoned all those Djinn.”
-Garejinn, Dwarven Wanderer c.1693

Velnu is one of the six major Human Kingdoms of The Central Continent.


Velnu began as the Kingdom of Sylara, its foundation dating back to the age of The Three Empires. Near the end of the era, Sylara began to suffer from a spate of weak sovereigns. Concerns about the fragile state of the Empires’ peace, especially after reports of Ruul‘s internal strife began to spread among other nations, led to Queen Dyrantia III to turn to The Invisible College, a powerful mage’s guild based in Sylara, for help. A pact was made, leading to the establishment of the guild’s head as The Vizier of Sylara, who would assist the sovereigns, with the unspoken agreement that The Vizier’s arcane interests would receive the support of the sovereign. With the support of many mages across the land, Sylara was able to endure the ensuing storm that rose after Arkhosia and Bael-Turath destroyed each other in The Luminous War.

A period of strife began in 1522 when King Balturn accused the present Vizier, Velnura, of attempting to ‘put my kingdom in the pocket of mages and their sycophants’, and subsequently had him executed. A large outcry rose from the arcane populous, who rallied under the belief that Balturn was attempting to erase the contributions made by mages to Sylara. Balturn responded by ordering the arrest of any mage deemed ‘a threat to the peace’, and a civil war broke out between mages and their allies and the non-arcane portion of Sylara’s military forces. After three months of heavy conflict, Balturn was assassinated at a grand-ball when a rogue mage was able to somehow sneak into the palace-grounds, and his son, King Halust, attempted to issue a proclamation of the cessation of all hostilities. The proclamation failed to cool the tempers of the mages, who claimed that Halust was simply trying to get rid of the mages politically so that he could continue legal oppression. The mages swarmed the palace en-masse, and effectively ousted Halust in a coup, as most of the military chose to submit to the mages rather than continue the war of attrition.

A new caste-system based on magical aptitude was established, with The Archmage as the new ruler of the kingdom, which was renamed Velnu, in honour of the Vizier who was executed. The kingdom grew as a region where the practice of magic was honoured and respected, and it soon developed a reputation as the homeplace of the most powerful wizards in all the land. In tandem with developing a domestic system revolving entirely around magic so that it could never be removed without serious repercussions (such as crop-systems reliant on the work of weather mages), Velnu also developed a policy of overall neutrality in response to the affairs of other nations, though their relation with neighbouring Sternwald remains at constant tension due to an incident where rogue agents of Velnu assassinated the royal family in order to sabotage their zealous crusade.



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