Babylon is a mysterious power described as ‘arcane transcendental’, in essence, a power-source similar in nature to arcane magic but with considerably higher utility and power.

Despite a relation to arcane magic, Babylon as a power can be activated even within those without any arcane potential, though there are individuals who apparently cannot obtain it, such as Gavriel. The acquisition of Babylon mainly occurs from exposure to the stalagmite formation known as The Devil’s Hand, which is formed through a piece of the moon crashing down into the planet, though it is not the only way to acquire it, as apparently documented in the cases of The Emperor of Barova and The Destroyer. Acquisition also comes with a serious health risk, which was also corroborated in the Dwarven miner Fyren‘s journal, which noted that miners who entered The Devil’s Hand soon became heavily ill. While deposits of cold iron can also be found in Devil’s Hands formed after The Conquest Era, the exact relation between cold iron and Babylon is unknown, as it can be found in Devil’s Hands that do not activate Babylon.

It seems that golems are capable of utilizing Babylon to some degree, as witnessed in the battle against Gavriel, where the Tree-Golems struck the party with Babylon-based powers. According to RR, Ancients cannot be affected by Babylon.

There are three known Devil’s Hands that can activate Babylon, one in the Irondale Mine, one in Aerothyme, and one in The Hive City.

Known Users

  • The Emperor of Barovia: Power causes his presence to cause any present individual to become zealously loyal to user.
  • The Destroyer: Power unknown.
  • Eisande Levias: Power unknown.
  • Azarae Levias: Power allows user to summon objects from past.
  • Belros Tarot: Power allows user to ‘balance’ health of all creatures within certain radius.
  • Shor: Power allows user to transform into 40 foot tall wolf.
  • Skjor Sea-Hammer: Power allows user to become and manipulate the earth.
  • Theren Sadri: Power allows user to become virtually indestructible.


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