Focus Tower

Focus Tower is a tower located in Guildore, a few days travel north of the city-state Valdora. The party first came across it when travelling to the town of Irondale in search of clues regarding The Aspis Consortium. After exploring it for an hour, the party decided to establish the tower as their base of operations.

The tower itself is constructed through a material known as cold iron, with a magical ward surrounding the tower’s surface which rebounded any attempts to forcefully enter. With no door, the cold iron had been modified to allow entry by turning it into a malleable substance when the ward was not activated, or those seeking entry possessed an item that bypassed the ward, such as a key. So far explorations have uncovered five levels in the tower, though it is possible there are many more that remain hidden in some way. Based on studies done within the tower, it seems it was constructed just over a century ago, during The Warring States Period.

According to The Sun, an individual who may be part of the group who created The Focus Tower, five mages crafted demi-planes in the tower for some unknown purpose. They were known as The Sun, The Magician, The Chariot, The Tower, and an unknown fifth member. Travel between demi-planes was seen to be possible through use of a magical key that ‘opened’ any object it was inserted into; The Sun seemed to suggest this spellcraft was based on the planar city known as Sigil.

Ground Floor: A mostly empty set of rooms, continually patrolled by a cold iron golem. In one of the rooms where a miniature arboretum for alchemical plants was being grown, a large individual encased entirely in cold iron, who referred to himself as The Sun, was found to be connected to the tower itself via magical roots.

Summer: The first demi-plane to be discovered, it consisted of a featureless savannah, with a small village in the centre. The outer portion of the village consisted of hastily cobbled shacks inhabited by male goblins, while the inner portion consisted of tents housing female goblin prostitutes, guarded by cyclopses. It seems travel to this dimension has been achieved by complete outsiders, as one of the party witnessed a noble from Sternwald travel from the plane back to his manor, and was referred to by one of the cyclopses as a ‘customer’.

Autumn: The second demi-plane to be discovered, it consisted of a desert wasteland, where the corpse of some manner of colossal organic golem was rotting. A village was also found here, inhabited by sentient animal-shaped homunculi that possessed Human souls, with the bones of Humans littering the village. It could be presumed that the Human souls were transplanted into the homunculi through some means, which caused their minds to erode after a century of being trapped in the demi-plane.

Spring: The third demi-plane to be discovered, it consisted of a massive forest with trees growing miles long, and animals the size of houses roaming within.

Winter: The fourth demi-plane to be discovered, it consisted of water that rose to the knees, with a small grassy hill-island with a small house on the top. According to The Sun, this plane may have originally been some kind of tundra biome, but malfunctions in the apparent absence of the tower’s creators led to the snow melting.


Focus Tower

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