“Make no mistake, we do not value peace and prosperity as a status-quo to be maintained, we would just as much enjoy a state of constant war if it suits us. It is order we truly value, for there is no profit to be made from pure chaos and anarchy.”
-Letter from Merchant Lord Nosun to King Asyr of Yura c.1678

Guildore is one of the six major Human Kingdoms of The Central Continent.


In a sense, the history of Guildore can be traced all the way back to The Aspis Consortium. In 1504, The Aspis Consortium funded the ambitions of Baroness Estara of the Ultus Kingdom to found her own nation, Myras in the centre of The Central Continent. After the fledgeling nation was able to fend off attempted by Ultus to annex the nation, its independence was eventually recognized by its neighbours as legitimate. Soon after, Estara was assassinated, reportedly by disgruntled agents of Ultus, and replaced with her cousin Lord Besar, who acted as a puppet for Aspis Consortium interests. He passed many laws giving merchants unprecedented power, and eventually the nation was renamed as Guildore in recognition of the power its guilds wielded. For years, The Aspis Consortium used Guildore as a tool to weave a spider’s web of trade-deals and various secret pacts between Guildore and countless other kingdoms. Forty years after its founding, when the warring-states period began, Guildore funded a great many kingdoms in their war-endeavours, taking portions of any that failed in their conquest as part of agreements with the victorious nation, and grew in size, slowly but surely. When The Warring States Period ended, Guildore had firmly established itself as one of the six major kingdoms. However, the power of The Aspis Consortium, which had been waning as more independent-minded guilds began to rally against it, took a serious blow when the leader, Libretto, was captured and subsequently executed by Guildore officials in 1633. The Aspis Consortium never fully recovered from this, and after a few years it crumbled, being replaced by the Guildore Merchants Association.

In 1714, with the assistance of The Aspis Consortium, Guildore was subjugated by The Barovian Empire and now exists as an extension of its territory.



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