Strahd von Zarovich

Strahd von Zarovich is the Emperor of The Barovian Empire.

Born as one of the last surviving scions of The Kingdom of Barovia (the other being Belros Tarot), Zarovich was chosen to be the true scion that would bring about the resurrection of The First Barovian Empire, while his younger brother was sent to an orphanage to be a replacement in the event of Zarovich’s untimely demise.

Zarovich has been shown to be considerably self-assured and arrogant, reinforced by his Babylon power which allows him to dominate the wills of any individual in his presence. He is also a calculating individual, having kept his empire secret until absolutely certain no opposition would arise, and attempting to convert Belros into being one of his pawns, choosing instead to send him to the Aerothyme Colosseum to be killed when Belros refused.

Despite being a significant presence in the party’s quest, not much has been revealed of Zarovich’s true power, as the only time they physically saw him was a dinner-party in Aerothyme, and watching the Colosseum match. He seems to rely on his Babylon powers to protect him, flanked by six powerful bodyguards for the most part, two of which are said to never leave his side unless at his command.

Strahd von Zarovich

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